1. letmejuststop-yourightthere:

    does anyone know if this is the real bo’s blog?

    That is his blog!

  2. They’re all great! :D I’m glad that you think so as well!

  3. do you follow blogs other than ones that post bo content?

    Yes! I follow blogs that post:

    • RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter
    • Doctor Who/Torchwood
    • Watsky
    • Toby Turner
    • etc.

    Also, I follow some of my close friends!

  4. bobaenum:

    "bo burnham’s an asshole"

    bo burnham stays after every one of his shows, regardless of if he is sick or tired to talk to everyone who wants to meet him.

    bo burnham is a grown man who loves, respects, and admires his mother’s work as a hospice nurse and thinks the world of her.

    bo burnham is an artist who writes songs about issues in a way that brings attention to them and still makes them funny. they are introspective. he is a smart-as-hell 24-year-old whose jokes are so advanced that they go right over the heads of many people.

    bo burnham isn’t an asshole. maybe his stage persona is, a little bit. but he’s not an asshole until you interrupt his craft. if i came up to you during your championship football game and screamed dumb shit at you from the sidelines, you’d be an asshole to me too.

    bo burnham isn’t an asshole. he’s a fucking comedian.

    Bo is such a sweetheart in person!

  5. Bo Burnham in Hall Pass [x]

  6. gaynin:

    Bo Burnham


  7. Where's Bo from? Like his hometown

    Hamilton, Massachusetts.

  8. tothemoonalice:

    One more layer of colour and details to add after this dries! Stay tuned…